Mint Day SPA

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Our focus is keeping you comfortable while we swiftly and skillfully remove all unwanted hair with waxing, threading, sugaring, or laser. (We can also shape your unruly brows to absolute perfection). Simply show up and we will choose the method that is best for your unique hair and skin type.


Brows & Lashes

Gorgeous brows and lovely lashes are our jam.

Mint Brows - $25

Brow Tint $25

+waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming.

Lash Tint $35

Thread - $25

Lash Lift or Perm $80

Brow Tint + Brow Shape - $40

Lash Lift or Perm + Lash Tint $90

Lash Tint +Brow Shape - $49.50


Brow Tint, Lash Tint, Brow Shape - $59.50